Mitchell Tenpenny’s EP The Low Light Sessions – Available Now

Mitchell Tenpenny’s EP The Low Light Sessions – Available Now

Mitchell Tenpenny‘s EP The Lowlight Sessions is out now.

Talking about his new EP Mitchell says, “The Lowlight Sessions is probably my favorite project up to this point because it’s songs that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time.”

Fans will find Tenpenny’s life reflected in his music, “If you listen to it from the beginning to the end, you can see a story. You can see a struggle, you can see happiness, you can see different you know, aspects of my life all the way up to finding the one I love and the one I want to spend the rest of it with. So it’s just a story of you know, growing up.”

Mitchell adds, “I hope it takes you on a cinematic journey of the last six years of my life. I hope everyone can find their story in mine.”

The Low Light Sessions track listing:
1.  “Horseshoes and Hand Grenades” (Mitchell Tenpenny, Dallas Wilson)
2.  “Dear Jesus” (Mitchell Tenpenny, Andy Albert, Thomas Archer)
3.  “Mama Raised the Hell Out of Me” (Mitchell Tenpenny, Jaren Johnston, Zach Kale)
4.  “My Next Sad Song” (Mitchell Tenpenny, Joe Fox, Brandon Paddock, Geoff Warburton)
5.  “I Know Something She Don’t Know” (Mitchell Tenpenny, Brad Clawson)
6.  “I Can’t Get Another You” (Mitchell Tenpenny, Brent Anderson, Thomas Archer)
7.  “Don’t Make Me Choose” (Mitchell Tenpenny, Dallas Wilson, Claire Douglas)
8.  “The Way You Are” (Mitchell Tenpenny)

While fans will find many different ways to listen to The Low Light Sessions, Mitchell Tenpenny is hoping that you will listen to it at least once in the way it’s sequenced, “The order of the EP is very specific. It kind of goes through my life. It goes through a lot of emotions, you know, all the way to finding the one for the rest of my life. And I hope that you can just start from the beginning and listen to it that way. Create your own motion picture in the mind, if you will, and enjoy The Lowlight Sessions the way it was intended. And then once you find your favorite song, of course, you can go listen to that track, but I wrote it kind of as a movie, as a cinematic element. So go check it out that way.”

Mitchell Tenpenny’s The Low Light Sessions is available now.

Mitchell is climbing the Billboard country airplay chart this week with not one – but two songs!

First, he’s singing “At The End Of A Bar” with Chris Young

Then from his album Midtown Diaries – which is also available right now – Tenpenny’s current single is “Truth About You.”

Watch the music video for “Truth About You” here…

Photo Courtesy of Mitchell Tenpenny


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