Luke Combs Makes It 3-Weeks in a Row at Number-1 for “Forever After All”

Luke Combs Makes It 3-Weeks in a Row at Number-1 for “Forever After All”

Luke Combs now owns one third of the weeks in 2021 at number-1.

“Forever After All” is once again at number-1 on the country music airplay chart, and earlier this year, Luke had a 5 week stay at the top with “Better Together.”

That 8 weeks is more than any other artist so far this year.

Luke knows that all the success he’s having would not be possible without his fans.

He says, “Since I was not even writing my own music, It was just…They would say ‘Man, I showed you to everybody and I brought ten people to the show tonight.’ Or they say ‘I’ve bought all your music and sometimes twice.’ They’re just so enthusiastic and it’s such a help to have people who believe in you that much because it’s easy when you got – you know, they become a salesman for your music and for your brand and stuff. They’ll go out and they’ll play your music when anybody gets in the truck. They say ‘You heard this guy’s song?’ And they play it and that person falls in love with you and they show somebody else and it’s just kinda a snowball effect. Such a cool thing.”

These days it’s hard to believe that someone hasn’t heard one of Luke’s 11 number-one songs…but there’s always a new fan around every corner.

Congrats to Luke for his 3-week stay at number-one with “Forever After All” – check out the very autobiographical video for the hit song…

Phone Credit: Zack Massey



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