Watch Brooke Eden Shake It Up After Her Breakup in New “Act Like You Don’t” Video

Watch Brooke Eden Shake It Up After Her Breakup in New “Act Like You Don’t” Video

Over the weekend, Brooke Eden dropped a new video for her single, “Act Like You Don’t.” The tune, which was co-penned by Brooke, Jesse Frasure and Cary Barlowe, recounts Brooke’s struggle to heal from the heartbreak of a tough breakup.

“The video is a pretty literal interpretation of what I did after my breakup that influenced the song,” says Brooke to Nash Country Daily. “I spent my time hanging out with my girls a lot, going out with my girls a lot, and just basically doing anything I could do to get my brain off of thinking about my breakup. It was important to me to be truthful and authentic with the song’s lyrics, so that’s exactly what I wanted to show in the video.”

The camera tags along as Brooke gets ready at her apartment for a night out, and follows along as Brooke and her girlfriends have a good time at one of Nashville’s favorite dive bars, Springwater.

“My role in the video is exactly what I did after the breakup,” says Brooke. “It’s like you really have to put yourself in the place of going back to two years ago and reliving when this was reality. I never wanted to be alone after my breakup. I wanted to be with all of my friends and just fill my brain with anything other than thinking about the breakup. I wasn’t bashing my ex, either. It was more like I needed to get away from the situation. I didn’t want to feel like a victim in the video. I want to feel victorious at the end of it and feel like I’m moving on from something instead.”

Watch Brooke’s “Act Like You Don’t” video below.

photo by Glenn Sweitzer


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