Your Pets Could Have Gained This Over The Last Few Months

During our Stay-At-Home order, my wife and I were able to get plenty of walks in with our dogs. Not only was that good for us, but it was just as good for them. People may have gained weight because they were at home all the time. The same thing can be said about our pets.

According to a survey done by Banfield Pet Hospital in Oregon, 25% of a thousand people said their pets gained some weight while they were at home. Another 8% said their pet gained a ton of weight. What could be the biggest reason for that?

40% of the respondents said they fed their pets more snacks and foods while being at home. The combo of giving their pets too much food at one time, not enough exercise and snacking more than they should equals more pounds for a pooch or feline.

Experts say that if that has happened to your pets, cut down on their intake of snacks and food per meal. And go for more walks with the dogs to help get them more exercise. The better the health of your pets, the less chance they will develop serious problems in the future.


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