How To Build Up Your Pet’s Followers On Instagram

The picture above is the page for my cats Instagram page. You can follow NORA THE ADVENTURER by clicking on the bold print. Yes, that is a page dedicated to my fiance’s cat Nora.

If your cat, dog or other pet has their own Instagram account, what’s the best way to build up their followers? Nala is the 9-year-old cat with the most Instagram followers. Her owners say you should post pictures of your furry friends consistently but not too much. If you post multiple times during a 24-hour period, the content competes with each other in Instagram’s feed.

You should also comment on other people’s Instagram feed and engage with your followers so they are more invested with your pet.

Here is another social page you should follow. It is Joey Irsik’s cats Lizzi and Soni, or DOS GATOS   


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