Could Topeka Be In For A Rough Winter?

Image By The Myth,The Legend Joey Irsik


For hundreds of years, the Farmers Almanac  has given a prediction of what Winter could be like. It all started back in 1818 when three people, an astronomer, a person really good at math and a farmer came up with formulas to predict the weather years in advance so farmers can plant and harvest their crops. So can that formula they used still be true today?

For us in Kansas, the Almanac says we are going to have a colder than normal winter and we are also going to see above normal precipitation. Which means cold and snow. BOO!!! (or yeah!! if you like the white stuff). 7 major snowstorms are predicted specifically from Washington state into Michigan. It will feel like a never-ending winter.

There have been plenty of times that the Almanac has been wrong. We are talking about Mother Nature here. She can do what she wants and usually does. So, enjoy what is left of summer and get ready for what could be a “Winter Wonderland” in Northeast Kansas



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