Ecotherapy Could Be A Way To Fight Depression In Topeka One Day

You or someone you know may be suffering from anxiety and depression. It is something to never take lightly. That is why when I saw this story, it gives me hope that this treatment can give people an alternative that benefits everyone.

A medical practice in the United Kingdom is giving plants to patients that suffer from depression and anxiety, the plants are planted in the center’s communal garden and offer a way for patients to have an activity they can bond over. “Gardening can even be as effective as antidepressants in treating mild to moderate depression and anxiety,” says Aimee Gee from the mental health charity Mind. The physical activity of gardening partnered with the sights, smells, and colors of being out in nature can boost self-esteem, promote social contact with others and boost overall well-being.

Lets hope that this treatment will make it way to Topeka.


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